The NESSIE Project

NESSIE logoThe NESSIE Project Consortium is made up of training providers, employers, employer representatives and labour market actors. We are developing a range of on-line interactive training tools to assist people in the workplace and job seekers to develop their soft skills. A Train the Trainer package is being developed in parallel to support trainers, teachers, mentors or coaches to guide users through the learning tools.

The NESSIE products are truly innovative as they use a proven method of assessment. Participants, employers and trainers can effectively measure their progress made. All products are being translated from English into Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Swedish.

The training components have been designed following feedback from employers on which soft skills they consider to be the most important.

Please sign up to explore our site to find out more about our project, our background, our partners, and our networks. If you’d like to find out more please email any of the contacts within partners section or subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates.

We are partially funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme as a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project.

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