DE-KVJS – Supralocal Association for Youth and Social Affairs in the State of Baden-Württemberg

Country: DE – GERMANY

City: Stuttgart



Contact: info at (Replace ” at ” with @)

The KVJS is a service centre for local authorities of over 40 urban and rural districts in Baden-Württemberg. It supports and advises these local authorities and acts as stakeholders in matters of youth and social affairs.

The department of youth affairs is one department of the KVJS. It evolves analyses of current issues (youth unemployment, youth crime, substance abuse, violence, issues of immigration, family issues) and cares for efficiency and costs. The guidance and counselling system of the department evolves highly segmenting offers of help. The department supervises more than 7.900 homes for children and youth and is responsible for the quality of work and staff. It offers advanced training for professional staff every year (more than 150 workshops and seminars in 2011).

The KVJS can bring to the proposed project:

  • Knowledge about German school system, education system and labour market,
  • Contacts to projects, networks and research.
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