EL-Directorate of Secondary Education of Pella Prefecture

Country: EL – GREECE


Region: Kentriki Makedonia

Website: http://dide.pel.sch.gr

Contact: mail at dide.pel.sch.gr (Replace ” at ” with @)


The Directorate of Secondary Education of Pella prefecture belongs to the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia. Some of its main responsibilities are to deal with issues that have to do with teachers’ training, student communities and cultural events organised in and/or by schools. It also supervises and helps introducing innovative actions in schools. It organises seminars for issues that belong to their area of competence especially where there are innovations and promotes LLP European partnerships especially those that deal with horizontal European and National educational priorities.

It daily comes in contact with head teachers and local authorities promoting the cooperation of all and the effective operation of school units. Lately it’s been also responsible for the placement of teachers.

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