NL-Regionaal Opleidings Centrum Aventus


City: Apeldoorn

Region: Gelderland


Contact: w.vandesteeg at (Replace ” at ” with @)

ROC Aventus is a vocational centre involved in adult education & company training courses, located in the mid-east of the Netherlands with locations in the cities Apeldoorn, Zutphen and Deventer with 410.000 inhabitants. Socio-economic profile: 155,000 jobs, growing to 210,000 in 2020 and the unemployment slightly under national level. With over 200 study programmes and 15,000 students and course participants per year, they work in partnership with the municipalities, the regional Chambers of Commerce and the organizations for employment in the region. They work together in strategies for job acquirement and preventing unemployment. They have a strong expertise regarding life-long training of employees and have developed an active approach of the SMEs of their environment.

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