SE-Lärande och Arbete, Bollnäs kommun

Country: SE – SWEDEN

City: Bollnäs

Region: Norra Mellansverige


Contact: bollnas at (Replace ” at ” with @)

Bollnäs kommun is a public body which has the responsibility for its citizens for basic health- care, social & educational issues.

One of the municipal departments is Adult Learning and Employment (ALE) which is responsible for:

  • adult education from basic up to post upper secondary level
  • labour market activities for unemployed persons
  • integration of immigrants – integration of unaccompanied minors.

The ALE-section has about 80 employees in different positions, ie teachers, trainers, job coaches, counsellors & administrators. ALE takes part in various projects in order to improve methods of working, training & motivating participants to better prepare them for further education or for the labour market.

Target groups:

  • second chance learners
  • employees who want further education
  • unemployed persons
  • immigrants
  • unaccompanied minors.

One of our goals is to take part in projects to enhance development of methods, social orientation & internationalisation.

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