Adaptation and Development of Materials


This WP aims are as follows:

  1. To revise existing MASS project materials originally written for disengaged young people in preparation for entering labour market.
  2. To develop & adapt resources to meet the needs of those in the workplace & employment training based on finding gs from WP2 & 3.
  3. To develop e-learning materials for self-directed learning in the workplace
  4. To inform WP5 Train the Trainer 5. To allow accreditation through EQF via SCQF.

Description of activities:

This WP will build on the results of WPs 2 and 3 which will establish what elements of the methodology need to be transferred and how employers want to see it adapted.

Revisions will be necessary in areas such as: providing examples more suited to the workplace; soft skills framework will likely include importance of professionalism, employer expectations and working with colleagues, dealing with difficulties and coping mechanisms to enhance good working relationships, depending on results of employer consultation; development of an e-learning system for soft skills training with possibilities for reflection linked to website. These revisions will be carried out mainly by Angus College but with input and direction from all partners.

WP2 & WP3 research on methodologies for learning and reflection to establish what will work best with target groups will be used to ensure relevance of results.

Development of instructions for self-directed learning will be needed to ensure users know how to engage with the new approach.

Results in the form of new learning materials will be presented to the consortium for translation into partner languages followed by small scale, then large scale testing.

Materials will be mapped against SCQF (Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework) for translation to EQF.

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