Consortium Management


  1. To ensure all partner activities comply with project plan
  2. To ensure that any problems arising are recognised and addressed
  3. To coordinate all project administration
  4. To coordinate and manage financial aspects of the project
  5. To monitor progress against timelines and outputs to ensure successful completion of project

Description of activities:

  • Draw up and oversee signing of all partnership contracts
  • Finalisation of work schedule and agreement on roles
  • Appoint financial administrator and set up systems
  • Circulate financial and administrative guide book to partners
  • Establish project handbook, including strategy for dealing with problems /disagreements, gain agreement from partners and distribute at first meeting
  • Develop and agree financial monitoring system
  • Develop and agree monitoring mechanisms in order to monitor project progress against outcomes
  • Uploading all standard project documentation onto project website
  • Establish regular communication channels with National Agency
  • Submission of Interim and Final project reports – Monitor work package leaders’ progress
  • Produce agendas, minutes and action plans for all meetings
  • Establish regular and meaningful communication with key partners from each organisation.
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