Dissemination and Exploitation


This workpackage has the following aims:

  1. To ensure wide dissemination of the results and outcomes of NESSIE to relevant stakeholders in each partner country throughout the project lifetime
  2. To ensure wide dissemination of project results and outcomes to a wider network of European partners
  3. To ensure that final project results are disseminated to relevant professionals, labour market actors and VET experts on completion of the adapting/development phase to encourage involvement in pilot process
  4. To aid mainstreaming of project learning materials
  5. To ensure that good practise transferred has an impact on practise
  6. To promote impact of project results so that policy makers and funding bodies become aware of project achievements.

Description of activities:

NESSIE partners will produce a project leaflet which will communicate the aims, objectives and planned activities of the project in all partner languages. This will be used early in the life of the project to promote the project to employers, VET professionals, industry bodies, labour market agencies and other relevant stakeholders in order to engage them in project activities & join NESSIE networks.

Collaboration between the partners will enable the production of a project newsletter which will be published every quarter to enable ongoing communication of project progress and results as a means of disseminating progress to a wider audience. The newsletter will be available in paper copy and on the project website and used by partners to promote the project within their own countries, NESSIE networks and other specialist networks. All partners will actively engage with local and national press to ensure regular country-specific press releases in relation to key project milestones.

All partners will have responsibility of organising one partner/project dissemination event in their respective countries, using NESSIE networks over the lifetime of the project. A final dissemination event will take place in Brussels to showcase project outcomes and provide the basis for dissemination to wider networks across Europe including policy makers, MEPs and EU representatives from all partner countries.

Each partner organisation will identify and engage with professional experts in VET field within their own countries through NESSIE networks . This connections should have the potential to exploit the results of the project in the long term and invite participation of these actors at the final transnational partnership meeting in Brussels.

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