Evaluation and Quality Assurance


This WP aims:

  1. To ensure project objectives are met
  2. To ensure that project results are of the highest quality commensurate with European publication standards
  3. To ensure that the programme of work is evaluated by consortium members at key stages in delivery
  4. To ensure impartial formative external evaluation takes place and feeds into the project operation.

Description of activities:

Angus College will establish a code of practise for the project which describes processes for achieving project objectives. They will distribute and seek agreement on code of practise prior to the first meeting.

At the first meeting they will develop and agree upon methods for internal evaluation and allocate timelines and responsibilities for achievement. The agreed tools will be developed and uploaded onto administrative section of the project website. As activity is evaluated there will be regular analysis of internal evaluation result and any key actions to be addressed, and this will be shared honestly and openly with partners. Partners will evaluate the performance of coordinating partners, and in turn, Angus College will give partners feedback on aspects of their own performance. This should ensure that any problems that arise are dealt with promptly.

Angus College will appoint and instruct an external evaluator to carry out important impartial evaluation of selected aspects of project performance.

Angus College will monitor communication activity in the website’s forums and social networks and report summaries to the consortium group.

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