Managing National Networks


  1. To create a series of national NESSIE Networks to promote dialogue on soft skills training in/for the workplace
  2. To bring together a wide range of relevant VET actors and labour market actors to anticipate skill needs & promote training solutions
  3. To create a readily accessible network for dissemination of project information and identifying volunteers top participate in piloting new training material
  4. To provide a source of information on a range of workplace issues that can feed directly into the NESSIE consortium so that they remain responsive to the needs of their users.

Description of activities:

KVJS will coordinate an agreement with consortium members on the structure of national NESSIE networks. This will reach agreement on memberships, national coordination, targets and tasks and national activities which will be presented to all partners as a blueprint. It is expected that all partners will establish networks using existing and new contacts within 8 months and arrange agreed activity. Consortium members will act as conduits for the 2 way flow of information between networks and the main consortium an all relevant project matters.

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