Research and needs analysis


WP2 aims to carry out desk based research on the existing published information on soft skills & employment that relate to this project. It will inform the nature of development required and underpin the theory for effective development of train the trainer materials.

The theoretical research and needs analysis seeks to do an extensive literature review concerning the need and development of soft skills in various domains, the use of e-learning, report on assessment methods and discover tools and methodologies developed in order to measure soft skills.

Description of activities:

  1. Extensive scientific literature review on National/International soft skills Frameworks
  2. Literature review on best practices for soft skill e-learning
  3. Literature review on best practices present in professional social networks and computer supported societies.
  4. Research on soft skills mostly needed in selected sectors
  5. Discovery of other types of instruments for measuring and assessing soft skills for comparison with NESSIE.
  6. Short guides on developing and using social science research instruments, such as interview.
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