Technical Testing


1. To run a small scale test of soft skills training materials in order to establish that they are free from problems for users.

2. To establish suitable test groups who will use the material and be sufficiently articulate and pro-active to give user feedback on technical, cultural and usability issues.

3. To report back to the partnership on any issues encountered and seek resolutions to problems or technical glitches.

4. To ensure the finalization of the NESSIE learning materials so that they meets expectations of users

5. To ensure NESSIE materials are replicable in all contexts.

6. To support the smooth transition to the large scale project pilot activity across the partnership in WP7.

Description of activities:

According to the results from WP4, Roc Aventus will draw up instructions for testers on how initial technical testing will be carried out with UK, Netherlands and Romania.

They will draw up criteria to evaluate this technical testing to establish whether the product works successfully. Then identify 4 different environments in which to carry out the technical test, likely to be 2 sets of job seekers groups & 2 work-based employee groups, totalling 16 testers/vetters. These testing/vetting groups will be asked to work through the materials & identify any difficulties in understanding, usability, technical issues they encounter.

They will compare feedback from employer consultation to see whether product meets expectations, whether it transfers effectively to the workplace and whether it is feasible and replicable in all contexts. Conclusions will be drawn and the consortium group will be informed of findings.

With Angus College they will fix and finalise the learning material and present the finished product to the consortium for the next phase. Any adjustments to translation will be notified.

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