Transfer, Roll-out & Evaluation


  1. To lead partners in identifying 360 users through their national networks who will use the learning material in workplace and job seeking environments to develop their soft skills.
  2. To supervise the large scale evaluation of the learning materials by all users.
  3. To present findings of evaluation to the consortium and wider audiences.

Description of activities:

CEDIT will, in collaboration with the consortium agree the criteria for final evaluation against original project objectives. They will lead all partners in the evaluation exercise in each country.

  • Large scale testing of new workplace model for skills assessment in partner countries. This process will include engaging with up to 360 workplace learners & job seekers
  • Collation of feedback from workplace learners, job seekers, trainers/mentors – Analysis of collected data for each partner
  • Evaluation and recommendations

Finally they will collate, analyse results and present findings. These findings will be a crucial factor for project dissemination.

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