The work package aims are:

1. Development of a NESSIE project website which includes the project’s space and a social network

2. To support consortium collaboration and soft skills promotion in various social groups, such as employers, employees, and teachers

3. To create a platform for the delivery of online and blended courses

4. To facilitate project management 5. To facilitate the communication among partners

6. To create a storage space for all project documentation to support activities

7. To Provide a public interface for publication and dissemination of the results. 8. To monitor website usage as an effective dissemination tool.

Description of activities:

The NESSIE website will be developed by the core Greek partner in collaboration with others. Greece will undertake all practical design tasks and website management. They will act as Administrator authorised to change any element of the site. Features of the site will develop over the life of the project as demands from users and visitors arise. Standard features will be a private section for project administration incorporating minutes, action plans, calendars and internal evaluation tools; sections for registered users to join forums and access learning materials; and access to all project promotional material such as presentations and press releases from each partner country.

A later development will be a social network section which will facilitate the building of a professional online community on soft skills; ease the communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas among the actors interested on soft skills, namely employers, employees, freelancers, experts and teachers; provide the tools necessary for effective collaboration, such as groups, discussion forums, blogs, wikis etc; and research on ways to marketing and promote the network.

An e-learning platform will develop in time for the technical testing and roll out of the e-learning materials which will be used for the publication of the online materials that will be developed during project’s activities; serve as a base for provision of blended courses. A variety of material eg the social network and the e-learning platform will be available in all partner languages.

Regular analysis of usage statistics will inform the consortium of the effectiveness of the website and monitor levels of interest in the project.

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