Germany – KVJS – Supralocal Association for Youth and Social Affairs in the State of Baden- Württemberg

The KVJS is a service centre for local authorities of over 40 urban and rural districts in Baden-Württemberg.  The department of youth affairs is one department of the KVJS which evolves analyses of current issues (youth unemployment, youth crime, substance abuse, violence, issues of immigration, family issues) and cares for efficiency and costs.

They recruited 35 job seekers and 17 employed people with the support of the Heidelberg Youth Centre.

To meet the target KJVS has recruited and trained many mentors as this was needed to engage more employers and job seekers.  (It also supports sustainability of materials after the Project.)  The role of mentors was very important to support, motivate and to reflect on the results.  They felt the e-learning course can explain very practically how useful soft skills can be in the work place.  Users found the interactive exercises very helpful and would have liked more.  They felt there was too much text.

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