Impacts on Job Seekers

Q26. At the end of the course I feel more self-confident during job seeking: -to a large extent; to some extent; to a little extent; not at all

Job seekers have answered fairly positively to increased confidence, but to a lesser extent than employees.  There was no impact on 16%.  Perhaps this reflects the state of their job markets and their perceived hopes of finding a job.

Of those who disagreed, their comments reflected that they already had enough confidence or did not see how improved soft skills could improve job seeking confidence.


Q28. At the end of the course I have improved my CVs: -to a large extent; to some extent; to a little extent; not at all

Although 57% felt there was some or a large amount of improvement, a large proportion of job seekers (24%) did not feel their CVs would be improved by this learning.  From their comments it appears that they either already have good CVs or they remain unconvinced that improving soft skills increases their marketability.  Some felt that the certification was not important enough to add to their CVs.


Q30. At the end of the course I received better feedback from trainers or employers: -to a large extent; to some extent; to a little extent; not at all

Overall job seekers got good feedback from their trainers suggesting there were noticeable signs of improvement in their soft skills.


Q32. I have enhanced performance: -to a large extent; to some extent; to a little extent; not at all

Although this question is open to interpretation for job seekers, answers are generally positive.

Of those who disagreed, some commented that they had already learned these skills previously.


Q34. As a result of participation I have improved my: Accountability, Attendance, Professionalism, Performance, Loyalty/Ambition, Manners, Organising, Verbal communication, Interpersonal skills, Adaptability, Commitment.

Accountability Attendance Professionalism Performance Loyalty/Ambition Manners Organising Verbal communication Interpersonal skills Adaptability Commitment
UK 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 67% 67% 50% 50% 50%
DE 78% 33% 11% 0% 0% 11% 56% 11% 22% 11% 56%
GR 27% 73% 54% 62% 46% 54% 54% 35% 54% 54% 23%
IT 67% 44% 89% 78% 56% 33% 89% 56% 56% 56% 33%
NL 20% 40% 20% 60% 20% 40% 60% 20% 20% 20% 40%
SE 33% 33% 27% 33% 33% 20% 13% 27% 40% 27% 40%
RO 64% 64% 55% 55% 64% 64% 73% 64% 91% 73% 45%
tot 9% 11% 9% 10% 8% 8% 11% 8% 10% 9% 7%

There is some evidence of impact when individual component skills are analysed by country, though less so than with people in employment:

In the UK, some job seekers consistently felt improvement across all components.

In Germany there was a noticeable preference for accountability, but no job seekers selected performance or loyalty/ambition and several other components had few responses.

In Greece the biggest impact was on attendance.

In Italy professionalism, organising skills and performance all scored well.

In Netherlands, performance and organising were the noticed impacts.

In Sweden interpersonal skills and commitment received the most selections, but only from 40% of participants.

In Romania interpersonal skills was most selected followed by organising and adaptability.  All other components were also selected by large percentages of participants.

This question highlights that for all job seekers, there was some improvement in individual soft skill components.  However the frequency at which participants selected them, and therefore the perceived impact, was generally higher in UK, Italy, Greece and Romania.

Q35. I have improved my life in the following ways: I have an increased interest in learning; I have found a job; I feel more able to apply for jobs; I feel more positive about my long term career prospects.

There is positive evidence across all countries that participation in the e-learning course has improved the lives of participants in some way, mainly by increasing the interest in learning.  Interestingly 5% have found jobs, but it is not clear that they are attributing this directly to their soft skills development.

Some of those who commented on other ways they had improved their lives stated:

“I realized that I still have to learn.”

“Has improved my confidence.”

“I feel more confident in presenting my candidacy and my abilities.”

“I definitely take a couple of tips that I’ve read during this course.”

“I perfected the techniques of communication.”



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