Individual Impacts

This section contains short extracts from users of the NESSIE learning material.  Comments are taken from personal reflective accounts, completed by all learners wishing to gain certification from the course.  They are presented here anonymously.

Participant 1

“Before starting this course I found myself lacking confidence in many aspects of life.  However, during the time I have spent completing the course has boosted my confidence and has made me look back and think about who I used to be and the person I am today.

Looking back at my results from my grading tool, the difference between the beginnings of the course to now has been the biggest improvement and the fastest improvement I have ever made before.  Although there are still areas that need to be worked on through time I know now that it is possible and it will happen – patience is key after all.

Personally, I feel that if between now and September when HNC Administration starts if I can improve my time wasting practices the rest will come naturally to me.  Classmates and tutors have made this process a lot easier than it would have been if I was trying to go through it all alone.  Extra support during the course has made a difference to but the main section of the course that fully related to me was Stress and Motivation.  If you have had low confidence, even for five minutes, it can become involved with your motivation which will then lead to stress.

The Stress and Motivation units gave me information and knowledge on how to cope and handle it in the best suitable way without either losing my temper or bursting into tears at inappropriate times.  The details given on every unit is described and explained in a manner that many people will understand and can relate to.

NESSIE is a very universal course that helps improve your employability skills and helps you develop more personal skills along with it.  It has easy access and once completed you can still access your account and can use it to reflect back when needed or even if you just need a little reminder that you can do well in life and that every action you take will either have an impact on yourself or on others around you.

In conclusion, I feel that NESSIE has been very effective and is a fantastic success for people like me who have struggled with confidence and other aspects of day to day life as well as employment aspects.”

 Participant 2

“I am 23 years old and before I started the NESSIE e-learning program I didn’t know what a to-do list was. During the NESSIE course I get to know the use of it. Since a few weeks I am using a notebook where I write down all the important things to remember and mark them as done when I finished my tasks. I note down all the things I usually forget e.g. tidy up the room, do the laundry and some shopping, important appointments but also personal finances. Since I’ve been doing that, I improved the ability to handle my life and am very organized. I keep all my appointments, have always something clean to wear in the wardrobe and have a better overview about my financial situation. As a result of always being punctual, I am now salaried for over five weeks and have a regulated daily routine.  Altogether I can say that I feel more confident and comfortable. I realised that I shaped up well. Through my structured life I now feel independent enough to move out of the homeless shelter and live on my own.”

Participant 3

“The part on “asking somebody for help” was very useful for me. I’m 16 years and was chucked out of school a few times. I wasn’t conscious about how important it is to talk about problems, to confide in somebody and to ask others for help.  After performing the NESSIE e-learning programs I realized that I always withdrew when I faced difficulties.  That caused bigger troubles and because of that I often skipped school.  I recognized that it was my mistake to be so reserved.  From now on I try to talk early enough about my problems and attract support.”

Participant 4

“I was very impressed by the case example “Monika”.  At the moment I’m unemployed and it wasn’t clear to my mind what an affect it would have on the company or my colleagues, if an employee is running late at work every day. The example with the footballs bothered me very much, especially the fact that others have to do the job of the one who is running late until he is joining them. My capacity for teamwork has been enhanced through this reflection.”

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