Employer Consultation

Sandvikens Kommun (Sweden) led a research activity to ascertain the level of awareness and perceived importance of soft skills in the work place, from the employers’ viewpoint.

The report is based on a total of 150 interviews.  The findings can only be regarded as indicators of which Soft Skills employers value most in their personnel or when recruiting.  The conclusion from this survey was that there is a good level of awareness of the importance of improving soft skills for employees.  Also that much more effort can be put in, to help SMEs get access to training in soft skills.  Currently less than half of the companies in the survey provide such training for their employees.

The survey highlighted quite a large difference between the employers from each of the seven countries. The consortium hoped that after conducting the survey we would be able to point out a “top five” soft skills that all partnership countries had in common.  Considering all of the results together allowed us to identify a top five, soft skills ranking, however the variation between countries is significant and the top five qualities do not stand out as clearly as we might have expected.

The consortium concluded that care had to be taken in each country to ensure that NESSIE material and results match national needs.  Therefore while adapting resources for transfer to new sectors, each partner made small adjustments to suit their own working market and specific target groups.

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