Technical Testing

Prior to the piloting activities, Roc Aventus (Netherlands) carried out a technical test with 15 people who completed the Planning and Organising unit in 3 countries, with participants aged between 16 and 52.  This technical testing showed points of weakness and strengths.  Feedback was generally positive and the programme worked.  They found it interesting and enjoyed the opportunity for self-reflection and variety.  Perhaps differences in the way it was introduced may have had an influence also the level of the target group.  Another point which attracted interest from users, was the transnational context of the project and some reflected positively on being part of a wider European initiative.

The technical testing highlighted some negative technical aspects which needed to be solved before the resources were rolled out to a larger audience:

  • The units should be carefully adjusted in each country’s language;
  • Some videos did not work with Internet Explorer while Google Chrome was much better;
  • Target groups should be carefully chosen to ensure the appropriate level of education and age;
  • Users need to be mentored and have instruction during the programme.  As a class approach is not possible in the workplace, mentor advice is important.
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